Custom Printed Outdoor Flags

Customized Flags for Great Brand Visibility That Won't Take Over Your Square Footage!

Whether you plan to promote your brand indoors at a tradeshow or by the side of the road, custom advertising flags are here to help! Available in a wide range of sizes and styles, with multiple fitting options, these durable custom display flags are just waiting to be transformed into useful signage for your event. Promotional flags offer a good-sized surface area for your design – without you needing to sacrifice large areas of your floor's square footage. With heights available up to an incredible 17ft, getting your logo noticed could be as easy as working with us! Check out our options made right here in Canada today, or contact us to begin!

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  1. 7ft Teardrop Flag
    7ft Teardrop Flag

    Great for brand awareness. Full colour print available. Single or double sided print. Aviation fibreglass poles and 110g German Flag Mesh.

  2. 9ft Teardrop Flag
    9ft Teardrop Flag

    Full colour print available. Features aviation grade fibreglass poles. 110g German Flag Mesh. Double sided print also available!

  3. 11ft Teardrop Flag
    11ft Teardrop Flag

    Full colour print. Aviation grade fibreglass poles. Single and double sided print available. German Flag Mesh fabric for durability.

  4. 14ft Teardrop Flag
    14ft Teardrop Flag

    Full colour print. Great for brand awareness. Single or double sided. Aviation grade fibreglass poles. 110g German Flag Mesh fabric.

  5. 8ft Feather Flag
    8ft Feather Flag

    Great for limited ground space. Full colour print, single or or double side. Aviation fibreglass poles and 110g German Flag Mesh.

  6. 10ft Feather Flag
    10ft Feather Flag

    Steel framework. Aviation-grade fibreglass poles. Knitted German mesh flag. Dye sublimated full colour print, single or double-sided.

  7. 13.5ft Feather Flag
    13.5ft Feather Flag

    Great for brand visibility. Limited ground space required. Aviation grade fibreglass poles. 110g German flag mesh. Full colour print.

  8. 17ft Feather Flag
    17ft Feather Flag

    Great for brand visibility. Single or double sided full colour print. Aviation grade fibreglass poles. 110g German Flag Mesh fabric.

  9. 14ft Standing Banner
    14ft Standing Banner

    Get noticed, even from a distance! Limited ground space needed. Single & double side available. Made with 110g German Flag Mesh.

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Why are Promotional Flags Popular for Marketing?

When selecting the promotional display sign that's best for your business, it can be easy to become overwhelmed with all the options! A staple favourite of marketing campaigns and businesses that are more than worth a look is undoubtedly custom printed display flags. These useful promotional signs can often be seen wherever there is an event, gathering or business and are certainly easy to notice! One edge that printed advertising flags have over many other display options is the limited square footage they require. With their tall shape, you still have plenty of room for designs, information or branding, yet on the ground, they need only a small amount of space. This makes them ideal for roadsides, crowded expos and places with limited room. In addition to this benefit, their ability to be custom printed in full colour means your business can have a useful promotional display sign that can draw attention even from far away without cluttering the area it's in.

Why Quality Matters for Branded Flags & Displays

Now we have talked about why imprinted flags for marketing and tradeshows are popular, why is finding a quality product important? Surely all imprinted display flags are the same, right? Wrong! Getting quality custom branded signage in Canada is important, and choosing poorly can end up costing you more money. The majority of our flags are made right here in Canada and created from high-end materials that won't easily rip or shred – giving you a superior and longer-lasting product. With many options including a form of UV-fade resistance, your message will stay looking sharper for longer. Last but by no means least, our framework is made from durable, quality metal that won't easily bend and buckle – and this is important indoors or outside for your custom printed flag's endurance.

Which Types of Promotional Advertising Flags are Available?

Printed flags for businesses come in multiple styles, and two of the most popular are the custom printed teardrop flags and the feather flag option. These range in size from 7ft all the way up to 17ft in height, giving you the versatility you need to promote your message and make an impression. Branded banner flags are also sought-after, and at an impressive 14ft in height, your message can easily be spotted over the heads of the crowd or from cars. Are you looking to get your information off the ground, literally? For councils and community event planners, promotional pole flags are a popular choice that attaches to street poles. This gives your message a location easily viewable by the public during their daily errands or activities!

Which Custom Flag Fitting Options are Available?

It's important to recognize that almost every promotional business will have slightly different requirements and here at Event Display Canada, we have your needs covered! Our display flags come with a variety of fitting options – including (but not limited to) ground stakes, sandbags, water ballasts and cross stands. This level of customization means your imprinted advertising flag can be more suitably secured based on your needs. Unsure which custom flag base is best for your business? Don't worry because we are happy to help!

Are Promotional Flags for Use Indoors or Outside?

There are few things in signage as versatile as a custom logo flag and these handy items are suitable for the indoors or outside. Our flags are created with fade resistance and we can also make double-sided versions for extra thickness, durability and visibility. (Please note, we do still recommend bringing them indoors overnight and during bad weather to help improve their endurance even further!) For wind ratings, please check out individual product pages or contact our customer service with your inquiry.

Why Choose Promotional Flag Banners from Event Display Canada?

Whatever you need your imprinted promotional banner flag for, we are here to help. Like choosing any type of promotional item, the most important thing is to select a flag made from quality materials by experienced printers. Advertising flags in Ontario can be spotted not only in tradeshow halls, at expos and networking events – but also outside breweries, at dance competitions, gas stations, car dealerships… the list just keeps on going! Are you interested in creating branded flags or booth signage in Canada? Get in touch with our staff today, and let's get started creating the quality you know your business deserves.