Custom Printed Event Tents with Logo

Custom Canopy Tents Branded with Your Logo for Tradeshows, Events and Expos!

Custom printed tents offer a versatile way to make a big impact at tradeshows, conventions and expos! With sizes ranging from 5x5ft pop-up stalls for smaller events and business stands to jumbo 10x20ft options for larger crowds, getting what you want doesn't have to mean settling for what there is. These printed event tents come with the option to show realistic photography designs in vibrant full colour and this means your possibility for design and custom branding is almost limitless. Start browsing our promotional custom canopy tents now to begin finding the perfect choice for your next event, or contact our staff to order!

4 Items

  1. 10ftx10ft (3mx3m) Printed Event Tent
    10ftx10ft (3mx3m) Printed Event Tent

    Most popular tent size. UV resistant inks. Water resistant. Fire retardant. Easy to set up. Canopy: Made from 600D Oxford Polyester.

  2. 10ftx15ft (3mx4.5m) Custom Event Tent
    10ftx15ft (3mx4.5m) Custom Event Tent

    600D Oxford Polyester. UV fade-resistant ink. Water resistant. Fire retardant. Full custom print available. Hex frame, ropes and pegs.

  3. A 10ft by 20ft custom printed event tent made in Canada that is red with text for a tire service printed on it in black.
    10ftx20ft (3mx6m) Printed Event Tent

    Good sized capacity. 600D Oxford Polyester. UV Coated. Fire retardant. Water resistant. Full colour customization for great brand awareness.

  4. 5ftx5ft (1.5mx1.5m) Mini Stall Tent
    5ftx5ft (1.5mx1.5m) Mini Stall Tent

    Great for smaller areas outdoors. Full colour customization print available. Promote brand awareness and provide shelter for your vendor.

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Why are Custom Printed Event Tents So Popular?

Wherever you go in Canada, you usually don't have to travel far before you come across branded tents in their full-colour glory! But why are these products so popular and considered by so many to be a tradeshow essential? Below, we have broken down some of the key reasons that might explain why promotional pop-up tents and canopies are so popular and remain at the forefront of tradeshows, expos and events of all sizes.

  • Awesome Brand Exposure: Wherever there is a crowd, there are marketing opportunities and wherever there is marketing potential there's more than likely to be... competition. Creating impactful brand exposure can be tricky with your rivals clamouring for attention all around you, and thinking big (literally!) could help. Printed display tents offer a large surface area to help your message get noticed and ensure your logo isn't swallowed by the crowd. Even the smallest size option for custom pop-up stalls gives your business a decent surface area at a great height. This makes custom canopy tents a great way to draw attention, no matter what your business might be!
  • Maximizing Your Area's Potential: For most events where you are away from your base, paying for your allotted vendor space is common, and this means you want to make the most of your area! Thinking vertical can be a great way to get your branding off the ground, literally. Promotional tents in Canada are a great option for utilizing the space you have and filling the area with your signage! With their height, your brand could be noticed above the heads of the crowd, helping draw attention to your location and your presence – even from a distance.
  • Being Visually Appealing & Memorable: Showing the crowd your brand colours or stylish logo can be easy with branded pop-up tents and canopies. With our options including photographic full colour print, creating a visual splash with your awesome designs could help draw in the crowd and even get your business remembered after the event is over. Customized tradeshow tents essentially offer a portable, re-usable billboard for when your business is away from its usual location – and this means the chance for great marketing potential even on the go.
  • Creating an Immersive Experience: If you are looking to “wow” your potential clients, making the most of the space you have matters. Printed canopy tents can help your brand make more of an impact and show that you are established and professional. Creating a space with your logo surrounding visitors can help with brand retention, all the while you are providing a sheltered location that is dedicated to your business. Why let your clients be distracted by potential rivals, when you can just block them out with a custom back wall upgrade for your tent setup? Whatever you decide on, branded pop-up tents and custom canopies offer an advertising experience a client can literally step into – and that is great news for your brand awareness.

Which Upgrade Options are Available for Printed Display Tents?

The quicker answer to this question would be, “what isn't available?”! Our custom logo tents come with the option to add flags, walls, half walls and more as upgrades. When you combine this with the idea of designing custom printed tradeshow tablecloths or branded pull-up banners, you can quickly begin creating an immersive full media experience, tailored to your branding needs. Check out our other sections to discover more about additions and creating a custom printed tent package, or contact our staff who will be happy to assist!

Taking Your Brand With You On The Go!

We touched upon the bonus of having your home base signage earlier and why taking branding on the go can be important. When you travel away from your place of business, people are more likely to be unfamiliar with your brand, so making an impression matters. Customized tradeshow tents offer a valuable way to create portable advertising on a large object that's easy to transport! This can help solve the problem of showing the public who you are at events of all sizes (because standing on top of the table and waving people down is a really exhausting alternative!) Custom printed pop-up tents in Canada give your company the chance to take your logo on the move from place to place and show an established presence at events.

Which Size Custom Printed Event Tent Should I Choose?

Our promotional tents with graphics come in a range of options to help you get the size you need for your business. Each comes with benefits and perks, as listed below!

  • Small Size Printed Pop-Up Stalls: As the name suggests, this is one for smaller spaces! Ideal for a single person handing out brochures, water stations and events with a small amount of square footage. This style of branded tents for business can help you make the most of your area, especially if it's limited!
  • Medium Size Promotional Tents: The 10x10ft custom logo canopy tent is the most popular option of our selection. This size offers a great blend of convenience – without being a huge space hog! Adding your tradeshow table and swag to this size tent can be easy, but if you are unsure, feel free to contact us for more information!
  • Large & Extra Large Convention Tents: This selection includes the 10x15ft custom canopy tent and of course, the 10x20ft tradeshow marquee. Great for larger gatherings, more tables, bigger merchandise stands and more!

How Easy are Custom Printed Tents to Assemble?

The good news is, even for those of us who struggle with the practical aspect of tradeshows and expos, our custom outdoor event tents are designed to be simple and easy to use. Setup and disassembly can take only minutes, and this is great news for the time-savvy vendor. No one wants to spend extra hours struggling to put together their displays, and this has been taken into account when creating a smoother customer experience.

Contact Us with Your Tradeshow Branding Needs!

No matter what your customized tent needs are in Canada, we are here to help! With quality materials and experienced staff, we are ready to get you the quality you know you deserve. Even the most seasoned tradeshow vendors know that events can be stressful, but that doesn't mean getting your tradeshow essentials has to be! Contact our staff today about creating your tents with custom canopies and let's get started on the road to great branding for your business.