Custom 18ft Air Dancer

  • Made from durable PolyDance Material
  • Water resistant material
  • Durable, double overlock stitching
  • Full customization with vibrant colours
  • Made right here in Cambridge, Ontario
  • Great for brand awareness and visibility!

Made in Canada


Blow Your Competition Away with Custom Printed Air Dancers!

Most commonly referred to as air dancers, an inflatable tube man, or even sky dancers, these large advertising centrepieces are a must-have item for any keen business owner. Their non-stop motion helps to attract attention to your venue or sales lot and that's great news for brand awareness. With the ability to be custom branded, promotional air dancers offer a versatile and fun way to help get your business the attention you know it deserves!

What Advantages Do Branded Air Dancers Bring?

You have probably seen them on your travels, but you might be wondering "What are the benefits of imprinted air dancers for business?" Due to their large size and print, they can draw attention even from a distance – literally expanding your marketing horizons. Their constant movement and humourous shape offer a piece of branded tradeshow signage product with a quirky twist. Due to their highly customizable nature for print, business owners can easily incorporate them into marketing strategies and brand awareness campaigns. With so many benefits for their investment, it's easy to see why promotional custom air dancers have remained so popular for tradeshows and events since their creation!

Structural Integrity for Our Quality Printed Air Dancers

With anything this size, there is always the worry of purchasing an inferior or even dangerous product. Rest assured that at Event Display Canada, our Canadian-made printed 18ft air dancers are made with nothing but quality in mind.

  • Created with a multiport design to help extend not only the lifespan of your product, but his awesome dance movement range too!
  • Designed with a heavy-duty vinyl base with internal baffles to direct air and help reduce fabric twisting.
  • Made with 5 thread overlock double stitched seams.
  • Seams are stitched with heavy-duty nylon, UV-treated thread.
  • Designed to dance in the upper 1/3 of his body! What does this mean for you? It means the need for less room and the chance for greater visibility for your message.
  • All these great features and care towards design come together to give you a promotional tradeshow air dancer that lasts longer, looks sharper and gives your business more value for its investment in the long run.

    Service Guarantees

    6 month warranty on all seams

    1 year warranty on blower

    We do not recommend putting Air Dancers on a rooftop. Air Dancers should be used during the day and brought in at night. Leaving them out overnight and for long periods of time can lower the life of the fabric. Blowers are designed for good weather operation. Leaving out during all weather conditions and extended periods of time can result in damage to the blower.

    Our warranty covers 8 hours of use per day, 6 days a week. It excludes both rooftop installation and 24-hour-a-day usage. This is because extreme heat and exposure can affect the lifespan and print integrity of the air dancer.

    As a result, the unit should always be brought in at night. Be careful when relocating the blower and inflatable section. Always secure the base and store cords properly so they do not pose a tripping hazard.

    Those interested in one of these amazing items can contact our staff today. We will happily talk you through the entire process from selecting colours to tailoring the design. Our blower units are specifically made for these purposes as well and will run for a long time without burning out.

    Get Designing for Your Next Event!

    So now you know why branded air dancers are so awesome, why should you choose us for your custom printed promotional display signage? In addition to the great benefits listed above, our promotional air dancers are printed, cut and sewn right here in Ontario, Canada. With our office based in Cambridge, you can receive faster, replies to your messages with hours more likely to align with your own. Are you interested in creating your own customized inflatable tube man? To get big branding for your business in a fun, funky way, message our staff and start creating customized air dancers in Canada now!


  • Durable, long lasting PolyDance material
  • Water resistant
  • Colour won't fade quickly in direct sunlight
  • Double overlock stitched for maximum life expectancy
  • Tube Thickness: 50cm diameter
  • Height: Available in 10ft and 18ft
  • Can be screen printed, have bonded letter panels, or full colour transfer print


  • CETL certified
  • 0.75HP motor
  • Uniquely designed fan blades