Our Company Profile & More About Us

Are you looking for a way to effectively brand your business without spending a fortune to do so? We understand this is something businesses of every size struggle to accomplish on a daily basis, and we can be of help. As a leader in Canada's promotional display industry, we stock a wide range of items at Event Display Canada, including printed door mats, tents, table cloths, banners, shades, media walls, inflatables, display racks, and more.

Any company with an event coming up should explore our website to see the marketing materials we offer and determine which are right for their needs. We are always available to assist our clients in choosing the right display and booth to represent the brand.

Our goal is to work hand in hand with our customers to understand their specific requirements, as no one knows better what their company needs. Once we have this information, finding or creating the right product becomes a much easier task. We strive to exceed the expectations of our customers with every transaction we complete.

Where our company truly stands out, however, is in our customer service. Our constant communications with clients helps to ensure everyone involved in the project remains on the same page. Furthermore, we keep every client updated on the progress of the order from the time of initial contact all the way through to receipt of the finished product or products. We don't stop here either. We love to receive feedback from our clients to determine what we are doing right and where improvements need to be made. With this information, we are able to better our services and fulfill the needs of our customers.

Obviously, the job is only complete when the customer is satisfied. For this reason, we employ a dedicated design team to work with our clients. Their job is to create a design that is unique, appealing, and accurately reflects the brand and its offerings. The team can either brainstorm with the client to come up with these ideas or the client can provide a concept and we bring it to life. It's always the customer's choice. In either situation, we stay on the project until it is right, as our clients deserve nothing less.

No Middleman

One reason our clients love working with us is they know they are ordering directly from the manufacturer. Not only does this help to keep costs down, it also minimizes the time needed to come up with a design, have it approved, and begin the manufacturing process. Every item we offer is produced in our manufacturing facilities and shipped directly from the warehouse.

Furthermore, we guarantee our products will arrive in a timely manner on the client's doorstep, eliminating the need to schedule a time for pickup. This makes the entire process easier and more efficient. We use air express flights to be certain the products arrive before they are expected. In situations where one or more items are needed rapidly, we work to meet the needs of the customer. Although it isn't always possible to complete a rush order in the designated time frame, we do our best when our customer is in need of items in a short period of time.

A Team Dedicated To Finding The Right Design

Companies often struggle to come up with a design that meets their expectations. Clients who work with us find this isn't an issue, as our in-house graphic designers are ready to help. When a client runs into difficulties, our design team either creates a concept from scratch or builds on what the customer has come up with. An accurate and appealing mock-up will then be created to make certain it is what the client envisioned. This can be done regardless of what the client wants to have incorporated into the design, whether it's their name, logo, telephone number, or other elements. The design isn't finalized until it has received the customer's approval.

Quality Promotional Materials

Marketing materials need to be consistent to provide the best return on investment. This is why we offer a wide range of high-quality items designed for this purpose. When the proper message can be communicated at an event or fair, not only does the business benefit, the customer does too. He or she gets more value for their money when this is the case. With our help and the right products selected, any company can stand out at an event.

Attract the attention of the target audience with the help of our items. We carry a wide range of promotional products, all designed with this goal in mind. Give us a call today to see how we can be of help to you, and don't forget to request your 100-percent, obligation-free quote today. Once we know what you are looking for, we can have this information to you in a matter of minutes. We want to help your promote your business in any way we can. The sooner you receive your items, the closer you are to achieving this goal.