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Custom event tents are here to help your branding stand out from the competition! Draw attention at events and show the crowd what your business is about, even from a distance. Our promotional custom canopy tents are available in a wide range of size choices, with additional upgrades and customization available upon request. Check out our range of perks, including water-repellant material, UV fade-resistant designs and durable 600D polyester. Getting your logo on branded event tents in Canada could be as easy as setting up one of our quick assembly frames – so check out our selection below or contact us now!

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  1. 10ftx10ft (3mx3m) Printed Event Tent
    10ftx10ft (3mx3m) Printed Event Tent

    Most popular tent size. UV resistant inks. Water resistant. Fire retardant. Easy to set up. Canopy: Made from 600D Oxford Polyester.

  2. 10ftx15ft (3mx4.5m) Custom Event Tent
    10ftx15ft (3mx4.5m) Custom Event Tent

    600D Oxford Polyester. UV fade-resistant ink. Water resistant. Fire retardant. Full custom print available. Hex frame, ropes and pegs.

  3. A 10ft by 20ft custom printed event tent made in Canada that is red with text for a tire service printed on it in black.
    10ftx20ft (3mx6m) Printed Event Tent

    Good sized capacity. 600D Oxford Polyester. UV Coated. Fire retardant. Water resistant. Full colour customization for great brand awareness.

  4. 10ftx10ft (3mx3m) Plain Economy Event Tent
    10ftx10ft (3mx3m) Plain Economy Event Tent

    In a hurry? This product has a fast turnaround time! Available in vibrant colour options. Provide shelter and shade at events for vendors.

  5. 5ftx5ft (1.5mx1.5m) Mini Stall Tent
    5ftx5ft (1.5mx1.5m) Mini Stall Tent

    Great for smaller areas outdoors. Full colour customization print available. Promote brand awareness and provide shelter for your vendor.

  6. 10ft Printed Event Tent Package 1
    10ft Printed Event Tent Package 1

    Great for brand visibility. Full colour custom print. Comes with a Hex 40mm aluminum frame, standard ropes and pegs and rolling travel bag.

  7. 10ft Printed Event Tent Package 2
    10ft Printed Event Tent Package 2

    Full colour custom print. Includes one full back wall. Includes Hex 40mm aluminum frame, standard ropes and pegs and rolling travel bag.

  8. 10ft Printed Event Tent Package 3
    10ft Printed Event Tent Package 3

    Full colour custom print. Includes 1 full back wall and 2 half walls. Hex frame, standard ropes, pegs and a rolling travel bag also included.

  9. 10ft Printed Event Tent Package 4
    10ft Printed Event Tent Package 4

    Full colour print. Includes: 1 full back wall, 2 half walls, 1 fitted table cloth. Hex frame, standard ropes, pegs and rolling travel bag.

  10. 10ft Printed Event Tent Package 5
    10ft Printed Event Tent Package 5

    Includes: 2 half walls, 1 full back wall, 1 x 6ft fitted table cloth. 2 x 9ft teardrop flags or 2 x 10ft feather. Hex frame, rolling travel bag.

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Why Are Custom Printed Event Tents So Popular for Tradeshows?

Who wants to get noticed at conventions and tradeshows? When it comes to business and marketing, we all do! Standing out is essential – but how can this be done when the area is full of vendors, all equally keen to draw attention to themselves? A great way to advertise your message over the heads of the crowd is by choosing tents with custom canopies for your logo. Promotional display tents in Canada offer a large-sized surface area for your branding that's easy to notice, even from a distance! This means a higher chance for your branding to stay visible – even while you are away from the traditional signage of your business location.

The Perks of Choosing Tents From Event Display Canada

You might be convinced of the value of selecting custom printed canopy tents, but why choose Event Display Canada for your product? It's no secret that in the promotional world, the quality of branded tents can vary wildly. This means that random or impulsive shopping can lead to problems ranging from poor-quality frames that easily bend and buckle to inferior-quality canopy fabrics that tear after a single use. And this is before you even get into the custom printing aspect! Our promotional tents are made with the utmost care from high-quality materials and often feature a number of perks to help you get the most value for your investment. Below are some key features to look out for and the awesome benefits they can bring!

  • UV Rated, Fade Resistant: You want that bold, eye-catching print to stay looking sharp for longer, right? No one wants to look faded and washed out compared to their competition. Our branded UV canopies can help you get the most out of your custom logo and are a popular choice for tradeshow and event vendors across Canada.
  • Water Repellant: We all dream of a clear blue sky on our event day, but the weather doesn't always cooperate, and this means it's good to be prepared! Water repellant custom logo tents help keep your merchandise, staff and clients dry – but the benefits keep going even after your event is complete. No one wants to put away heavy, rain-soaked material or spend time trying to dry out fabric that has become saturated with water. Promotional outdoor event tents with water resistance are a great way to help prevent these irritations and save you time.
  • Fire Retardant:It goes without saying that safety is crucial in every business, and choosing a certified fire retardant printed display tent is a great way to help promote safety and well-being at the same time as your branding.
  • Easy Set Up: Tradeshow veterans know that the time invested by vendors goes far beyond the time the event is open to the public. Setting up and taking down a display can add hours to the day, and choosing products that are fast to assemble and disassemble is key. Event Display Canada offers printed display tents with frames that can be set up and packed away in minutes. This means less time worrying, less struggle and a smoother event experience for your business overall.

The Value of Providing a Comfortable Customer Experience

An experienced business owner might let you in on the secret that attracting attention for your brand at a tradeshow is only half of the challenge! Keeping potential clients there for the length of engagement you need comes next, and having the right set-up matters. Providing a comfortable customer experience can mean the difference between a visitor that stays and one that quickly backs out exclaiming "Wow, it's hot over there!" Outdoor event tents for businesses provide shade, shelter and a more personal environment for visitors, merchandise and staff. The best part is you don't even have to need a huge, branded tent to enjoy the benefits. Even custom printed pop-up stalls offer a shady, dry area for the person running your stand! To sum up, customized tents and marquees can offer a better experience for both staff and visitors, freeing them up to focus on what's important.

Which Size Options are Available for Promotional Canopy Tents?

  • Small: This option is great for a single person operating a booth or an event where space is limited! This 5x5ft size is perfect for when you don't need (or have) a large vendor space but still want to enjoy the perks of having a pop-up tent for your tradeshow.
  • Medium One of the most popular sizes is, of course, the 10x10ft event canopy tent. This one is ideal for a wide range of businesses that want to stand out and have a decent space inside for tradeshow tables and guests, but who don't have unlimited room. Interested in this size? Message us to find out more!
  • Large: Are you at a festival, on your own property or have just been given the joy of a huge vendor area for your event? Then large, branded canopy tents could be perfect for you. Sizes include our 10x15ft and the awesome 10x20ft tents, which are visible even from far away. Great for a larger customer crowd, longer tables and bolder visibility!
  • All of these tents come with the option to upgrade with branded feather flags, custom tablecloths, pop-up display stands and more. You can even add back walls, side walls, half walls – you name it! With so many sizes and varieties, getting what you want for branded event tents could be only a call or few clicks away, so message our staff to begin creating yours!

    Why It’s Better to Buy Promotional Tents Instead of Renting

    Whether you decide on a plain economy event tent or a customized large outdoor tent in Canada, the idea of renting versus buying might cross your mind. While renting may have some benefits, when we look at the information – it seems that purchasing makes more sense for vendors and businesses who are in it for the long haul!

    • Cost Factor: When it comes to deciding on renting versus buying anything, a great place to start is to consider how much you will use the product overall! Convention tents for sale might initially have a higher price tag than rental options (though even that isn't certain!) but it's a single purchase that is yours forever. If you were hosting a wedding, a single-use investment might be wise, but with tradeshows running for a large part of the calendar year, choosing to buy your canopy tents for sale makes the most sense.
    • Customization & Marketing: What is your business promoting? If you choose an unbranded economy tent over a custom printed tent, people might not know! No business is going to let you slap a custom logo on a rental – and this means that purchasing is the way to go for marketing. Tents provide shelter from the rain and sun even without custom print, but doubling up on your canopy's usefulness with promotional branding? Now that sounds like awesome marketing potential.
    • Having What You Need When You Need It: This one might sound obvious, but when you choose to buy your branded convention tent, it's yours! This means having what you need for your next event – without worrying about booking or availability. The early bird doesn't have to keep getting up in order to secure a tent if they only need to buy it once, and this helps make custom tents with graphics a great purchase for promoters.

    Whatever you need for your promotional event, from customized tents with walls for tradeshows to branded pop-up tents and canopies for display booths – we are here to help. Start browsing our selection of printed display tents today to find the perfect one for your next event, or contact us with your requirements to get started!