Printed Tension Fabric Banner Barriers

Custom Stretch and Tension Banner Stands Branded with Your Logo!

Custom printed stretch banner displays come in a range of sizes and styles and all of them are just waiting for your custom logo! Make an impact with branding, display important event information or provide directions – the choice is yours. Promotional stretch barriers can help create partitions and offer a large surface area for your custom logo design. Vertical stretch banners take up little room, making them a great option for anyone looking to maximize their branding potential – without sacrificing floor space. Whatever you need for branded display banners in Canada, we are here to help! Start browsing or contact us today!

4 Items

  1. 5ft Launch Banner Stand
    5ft Launch Banner Stand

    Easy to use, quick to set up. Double sided print available. Print can be two different designs. Great for areas with limited floor space.

  2. 4ft Launch Banner Stand
    4ft Launch Banner Stand

    Includes kit, graphics and frame! Full colour custom print available. Easy set up and takedown. Great for events with limited floor space.

  3. 3ft Launch Banner Stand
    3ft Launch Banner Stand

    Easy to set up, lightweight and portable. Double sided print available, custom print. Print can be two different designs. Kit included.

  4. 2ft Launch Banner Stand
    2ft Launch Banner Stand

    Easy setup, lightweight and easy to transport. Includes complete kit, fabric graphics and frame. Can be single or double-sided print. No tools are required for setup.

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What are Banner Stands Used For?

It seems like you can't go far at a tradeshow, expo or even grocery store without these custom printed display signs catching your attention – but why are they so popular? Fabric tension banners are fully customizable for your design branding, and this makes them a great option for displaying essential information to the public. Allowing potential customers to view what matters to your business at a single glance can quickly inform them of upcoming events, sales, or even your location. With so many benefits of tradeshow display signs with no minimum order quantity requirement, it's easy to see why promotional display banners are so popular for events across Canada.

Which Types of Custom Logo Stretch Banners are There?

We carry three types of branded banner displays – and each has its own style and purpose! Promotional stretch fabric barriers are a wider option that is highly useful for creating backdrops or partitions. With their large surface area, getting your message noticed could be easy, even from a distance, when you choose this option for customized banner printing. Launch banner stands and stretch banner stands are created with a narrow, vertical frame that the fabric can be slid over from the top down, a great option for fast assembly and easy portability.

Why are Custom Printed Vertical Banners Popular?

With so many options for printed custom event displays available, it can pay to look at the potential benefits of each and vertical stretch banner stands have a couple of secret weapons when it comes to marketing!

  • Minimal Floor Area Required: These handy items need very little floor space but still have a large surface area for custom printing. With almost every vendor having limited square footage, maximizing the area allocated is essential. Thinking vertical means having more than just your floor area to work with for brand awareness – making custom display banners a valuable addition to marketing tools.
  • Easy to Assemble & Take Down: This might not be the case with other suppliers, but our stretch banner stands are designed with convenience in mind. Assembly and take down time on poorly designed tradeshow displays can waste the vendor's valuable time and lead to longer hours or delays. Our promotional banner stands can be assembled or packed away in minutes, helping free up your day and letting you focus on your other tasks.
  • Lightweight & Portable: No tension fabric display will stay in one place forever, and many are created with the idea of transporting from event to event in mind. This means having tradeshow printed display banners that are lightweight and easy to carry is important, and our products have you covered. Taking up little space while packed away, vertical banners make great additions to conventions, events, expos and conference circuits.
  • So now we know why custom fabric tradeshow banners are so popular for events – read on to find out why getting the quality you know your business deserves is so important!

    Why Choosing Quality Matters for Event & Display Signs

    You might be convinced about the benefits of getting your custom logo onto stretch display banners, but why choose us for your branding? Like any other type of display signage, quality is important when it comes to getting value for your money. Poor fabrics, badly sewn stitching and cheaply constructed frames can quickly reduce the life expectancy of your product. At Event Display Canada, we pride ourselves on offering quality print on durable and well-constructed displays. Many of our tradeshow displays are made in Canada, and our customer service team is based right here in Ontario. This means a faster turnaround time and no need for the frustrations of long response delays that offshore businesses can bring. Finally, our in-house art department is ready to help you get the design for your event off that drawing board and into reality. Contact us today about event displays with no minimums and let's get started creating better signage and brand awareness for your next event together.