Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What kind of promotional products can you source?

Although we specialize in custom event tents, we can also offer everything from printed flags to promotional banners, fully customized table covers and everything you could think of in between! If you need a custom display solution, Event Display Canada is your go-to source. Even if you have an idea, but are unsure how to put together the pieces to make it happen, just contact us and we’d be happy to help you find the right display to achieve your event goals.

What quantity can I order? Is there a minimum?

Since we provide low-cost sourcing solutions, the total value of the products you are looking to source plays an important role. The higher the value of the goods, the greater the savings for you. As a general rule, many companies require you have a large budget, otherwise it’s not cost-effective to them. However, at Event Display Canada we understand that not everyone will require 100 flags at once, so we offer no minimum order on most items!

How does your service work?

The process starts with your initial inquiry, whether by email or through the quote form on our website. Here we aim to obtain as much information as possible for your promotional product requirements. We then provide you with a digital mock-up of the item(s). Upon approval of the proof(s), we create an invoice for processing. Once payment is completed, we place your order(s) with our manufacturing facilities and carry out quality control, and depending on your needs, further inspect products prior to acceptance, then finally delivery. We manage any custom clearance and transportation to your location within Canada, or we can also arrange for pickup from our Ontario office. That's everything from start to finish! For more information on placing orders and payment processing, please visit our How to Order page. For information on how we use, store, and protect your data, please visit our privacy and security page.

Why should we use you for sourcing our products?

We have a robust process in place to source your products and provide the highest value for your money. We also offer several other benefits:

  • You will save time and money with Event Display Canada; we are a total package supplier
  • We own multiple manufacturing facilities (including one within Ontario!), meaning better quality control and greater flexibility during all parts of the order process
  • If we can't make it ourselves, we source the best solution for your needs and pass any additional savings on to you
  • We manage the whole logistics process, delivering to your specified address or arranging a convenient pickup where applicable
  • We secure the best freight rates for your shipment, and you will never be charged duties

Can you also provide design services for our product requirements?

Yes! We're happy to assist you with any design needs related to any unique requirements for your event displays. We have a design team that can provide you with options regarding a variety of custom display products, and your digital mock-ups are included. We offer a basic complimentary service to all clients, but also have the option of full-scale creative design services at an additional charge; ideal for anyone who needs a little extra help or does not have access to their own graphics team. For more information, visit our Artwork Services page.

What are the different delivery methods you offer?

Our delivery method is dictated by your project needs. It will primarily depend upon the quantity you require and how quickly you require the goods to be delivered. Usually, the most cost-effective mode of transportation is sea freight for large quantities. While sea freight can take longer (around 25 days) it provides the most cost-effective medium for bringing in large quantities in containers. Sometimes it may be more effective to bring in goods by air freight where the quantities and weight are both small. Using air freight we can usually deliver goods within 5 days to a week. Local delivery companies in use by Event Display Canada include but are not limited to; UPS, FedEx, Purolator, Canpar and DHL.

Who manages customs requirements and clearance?

Although the majority of our products are manufactured within Canada, we also manage all import requirements and clearance on your behalf where required. We liaise with customs authorities and prepare appropriate documentation for clearance, then pay any taxes that are charged on the goods. Our quote to you would have already covered these, so you will never pay duties on anything we deliver to you – or anything you pick up from our office.

What are your payment terms?

For most new customers, we require full payment or 50% deposit (if approved by your account representative) before proceeding with manufacturing, because once any goods are branded with your logo, they are no longer usable for anyone else. Our quotes are inclusive of tax and delivery where noted. Our preferred method of payment is e-transfer, EFT, or cheque – but we also accept payment by Visa, MasterCard, AMEX, or UnionPay (all credit card transactions over $1000 are subject to a 3% processing fee). For more information on payment processing and placing orders, please visit our How to Order page.

How can I get more information?

The best way is to contact us by phone, e-mail or by completing the contact form on our website. You can reach us by e-mail at [email protected] or by phone at 519-219-2292.