Custom Tablecloths & Printed Table Runners

Custom Tradeshow Table Covers for Professional, Convenient Brand Visibility

Adding professional style and giving your brand awareness a boost could be as easy as throwing on a tablecloth! Promotional tradeshow table cloth covers are a popular product because they help give your booth a polished appearance and can be customized with your design. Available in fitted, stretch or throw options, custom printed display tablecloths for events can help hide unsightly packing boxes, spare stock and more. We offer options made right here in Canada, with a fast turnaround time on products made from quality materials. Are you interested in adding your personal touch to branded table cloth covers for events? Start browsing today!

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  1. An angled view of a 4ft fitted table cover for tradeshows in Canada. The cloth is burgundy coloured and has a golden crown logo on the front for branding.
    4ft Fitted Table Cloth

    Fast turnaround, made from quality, fire retardant materials. Popular fit style. Can be made with a backless design at no additional charge.

  2. 6ft Fitted Table Cloth
    6ft Fitted Table Cloth

    Spill resistant and fire retardant. Fast production and turnaround. Popular fit style option. Full colour print customization available.

  3. 8ft Fitted Table Cloth
    8ft Fitted Table Cloth

    Full custom print available. Classic fit, most popular style option. Made from quality materials. Fast production and turnaround time.

  4. 4ft Throw Table Cloth
    4ft Throw Table Cloth

    Open back design option at no additional charge. Fast turn around. Full colour print. Loose fit, great for easy placement on tables.

  5. 6ft Throw Table Cloth
    6ft Throw Table Cloth

    Convenient loose fit design for easy use. Full colour customization available. Fast production and turnaround. Made from quality materials.

  6. 8ft Throw Table Cloth
    8ft Throw Table Cloth

    Full custom print available. Loose fit design for easy use and placement. Made from quality materials. Fast production and turnaround time.

  7. 4ft Stretch Table Cloth
    4ft Stretch Table Cloth

    6.5oz fire rated stretch fabric. Full colour customization. Backless design option at no additional cost. Snug fit, wrinkle-reducing design.

  8. 6ft Stretch Table Cloth
    6ft Stretch Table Cloth

    Quick production with full colour customization available. Can be made into a backless design at no extra charge. Smooth fit for branding.

  9. 8ft Stretch Table Cloth
    8ft Stretch Table Cloth

    Full custom print available. Snug, smooth fit for extra design crispness. Made from quality materials. Fast production and turnaround time.

  10. Convertible Table Cloth
    Convertible Table Cloth

    Great for increased usefulness and vendors with different size tables! Fast turnaround and full colour customization available.

  11. 28in Table Runner
    28in Table Runner

    Fast turnaround. Full colour customization available. Created with 7oz fire-rated display fabric. Great livening up boring tables at events.

  12. 57in Table Runner
    57in Table Runner

    Full coverage custom print. Great for brightening up boring display tables at events. Fast production and turnaround available on this item.

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Why are Custom Table Covers so Popular for Marketing?

Printed event table cloths remain a popular choice for tradeshows, events and expos. Versatile and easy to transport, these handy products can be added to vendor tables in moments, transforming them into vibrant advertising signage for businesses. With their ability to be fully customizable for your branding, getting the design you need in the colours you have in mind can be easy with promotional tablecloths! Adding a touch of professionalism to your vendor space can be as simple as throwing on a tablecloth, and that's good news for the busy tradeshow booth operator. Branded table covers are also a fantastic way to draw attention to your presence, and this means a valuable chance to stand out from the competition that often comes with large-scale events. Why choose unsightly, boring table legs when you could display your logo for the crowd to view? When we look at all these awesome factors, it's easy to understand why tablecloths for booths are so popular in Canada!

The Benefits of Choosing Promotional Table Covers from Event Display Canada

So now that you’re convinced about the benefits customized tradeshow table cloths can bring to your branding – why choose to work with us for your custom printed display signage? Our business offers a number of benefits for new and experienced event display vendors alike, and listed below are some of the most important ones.

  • Quality & Durability: Our table cloth covers for tradeshows are created from sturdy, durable materials for your custom branding. What does this mean for your business? An event table cover is likely to be used multiple times throughout the year, and one made from superior materials is more likely to last. But what does this mean for your company? It means better value for your investment and less reordering, helping save you money in the long run!
  • Made in Canada: With our customized table covers for businesses being made right here in Canada, you can enjoy the benefits of choosing local. This means extra care to detail, a company that is easy to contact and of course, supporting local business.
  • Fast Production: With the perk of choosing to get your printed tradeshow table covers in Canada comes the bonus of faster production times – at least when you choose us! With our rapid turnaround time and the ability to choose rush service, if you need it – your printed display table cover could be in your hands before you know it.

Whether you are looking for standard 6ft table covers for events or something else completely custom for your venue, we are ready to help. From an in-house art department to an experienced and friendly customer service team – getting your logo onto imprinted display products is easier than you might think when you choose Event Display Canada.

Which Types of Custom Tradeshow Table Cloths are Available?

With any popular promotional tradeshow signs and displays, there are usually multiple options available, and imprinted event table cloths are no exception. Plain and branded table cloths for marketing typically come in three distinct style options, and each offers a unique benefit for events and custom branding.

  • Custom Printed Stretch Table Cloths: This style is the most snug of all the table covers we offer. Created with a crisp, stretch-fit design – this one is great for a smart, polished look. One of the only potential drawbacks of this style is that because it tapers inwards, it might not bring the look you had in mind, but we are ready to assist if you are unsure or have questions!
  • Promotional Throw Table Cloths: The style is in the name with this choice! Designed to be thrown over the top of tables and hang down freely – branded throw table covers offer an easier vertical surface to lift. This is great for vendors who need to keep reaching under the table for boxes and stock. One of the drawbacks to this style is of course, its looser form makes it more susceptible to the wind and being moved due to its lack of tension.
  • Custom Logo Fitted Table Cloths: The most popular style of branded table cover, this option offers a great all-rounder for vendors of all types. Designed with more give than the stretch option but less baggy than the throw, this style could be perfect for your custom branding and can be spotted at tradeshows and events all across Canada.
  • Branded Tradeshow Table Runners: If you have a customized table cover for your business or are looking for something extra, promotional table runners are a great option! These can be placed over an existing table cloth or used as a standalone item. Great for adding a personal, professional touch to blank table cloth covers for events!
  • Not sure which is the best one for you? No problem, our staff are ready to help! Contact us today about getting your design on tradeshow table covers in Canada.

    Which Sizes and Other Options are Available for Promotional Tradeshow Tablecloths?

    After all that information, you might think that we have already covered everything – but there’s still more! When ordering imprinted table covers from us, you can also choose to have an open-backed design. This means the same great marketing potential upfront, with space for your legs or easy access to stored stock at the back. We also offer custom sizing on request. Our site shows the most popular choices for branded tradeshow signage and table covers, but with options ranging from 4ft all the way up to whatever you need, getting the right-sized advertising for your business could be right around the corner.

    The Value of Creating Great Brand Awareness for Your Business

    As we mentioned earlier, any experienced tradeshow vendor or marketer will likely tell you that it isn't about just getting your name out there – it's about doing it the right way and this means getting the quality you need from the very beginning. Poorly branded marketing signs show more than just an inferior printed logo. They show the public a business that can't afford or doesn't care about quality and attention to detail, and that means bad news for your brand image. The good news is that with our business being based right here in Ontario, Canada – we are close by and ready to help! Message our staff today to begin getting your printed tradeshow displays with no minimums for events, expos, conferences and more.