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Custom Media Walls & Branded Partitions For Events

All it takes is 5-10 minutes to setup one of our Media Walls. This ultimate advertising weapon can give any bilboard a run for its money in the branding landscape. With weight as little as 5-7 kg, There isn't many products around like this. If you need to be seen at your next event or trade show, or even if you just need to spice up your showroom our branded walls are perfect. Add to that, vibrant printing colors that will make sure your branding and promotional work won't look dull or lifeless. Combine with a tube aluminum frame that slots together in seconds.

Why Go With media walls for Setting-up an Event Booth?

Branding & advertising is all about getting your message across. But, you don’t always need to blow thousands of dollars installing large billboards. A Media Wall can achieve the same results just as well without you having to burn a hole in your pocket on expensive advertising structures.

Whether you are going to conduct a trade show, a company event, or a convention, media walls work excellently at attracting people’s attention and getting your brand some much needed public exposure. This marketing item is highly cost-effective. The best way to advertise your product/service or anything you want for a little investment and get big return on invesement.

Rising popularity of advertising

The reason behind the growing popularity of these display solutions is obvious. They happen to be extremely versatile. Therefore, no matter the type of event, you can always use them for getting the word out for under a small budget. It takes a no time to setup the walls as well as take them down. It doesn’t demand a lot of manual labor either. Just one person can do the installation and dismantling work. The allure of crisp, attractive visuals and ultra-chic design is hard to ignore by any passerby. Once folded, you can easily fit media walls into the boot of the car or carry them within a portable and easy-to-carry case.

This excellent promotional item often goes unnoticed by most companies for promotional/marketing display work. But, it’s a great medium to stand out from competitors and share any kind of message you want to in an appealing and attractive way with people.

Multiple uses and purposes in marketing

Most people associate media walls with tradeshows and conferences only. However, their usage is not limited to these things only. They are ideal for various other purposes too. One can use these during a press event, photo shoot, marketing related seminars or even for a red carpet event. Sponsorship walls are excellent for any and every type of event and must be considered while planning for an event of any kind.

Irrespective of where or when you install Media Wall, they help secure great exposure. The large print and attractive visuals work to reinforce and solidify whatever image/idea/message people see on these big fabric walls. Therefore, it is advised that whatever image/words you choose to print on these walls, they are well thought-out. Otherwise it could end-up reinforcing a wrong/inaccurate image and may do you more damage than good. 

Media Wall Styles

From carved to straight, tension Fabric walls come in a myriad styles. Businesses need to think through what type will work best to their brand’s advantage during the selection process. This will depend on the nature/type of the event. Additionally, users can always customize information such as the logo and the name of the company. It can even be customized with a variety of images to suit the theme of the event. In addition to that, since media walls come in two parts, the skin which is fully branded and the framework. You can buy the frame alone, and then purchase multiple replacement skins and simply change them based on your promotion or audience.

Options Available To Customers

Different businesses/organizations have different marketing needs. And so, they can use by coupling them with other accessories such as our counter display which contains promotional material that can to be shared with others. Using these walls in conjunction with lights can also amplify the effectiveness of your expo booth.

This branded partition style display is also ideal for both small and large businesses due to their cost-effectiveness. If you compare these with other marketing material, the cost turns out to be very low. Their versatility will let you secure recognition in no time. The effectiveness of this marketing item becomes evident pretty soon after businesses start using them.

Why wait? contact us to begin your media wall design and our team will draft you a 100% free virtual sample and a firm written quote prior to producing and delivery straight to your door!

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