Custom Branded Media Wall Barriers

Go Large with Promotional Media Walls & Branded Partitions for Events

Custom branded media walls are here to add more than a touch of professionalism to any event. With their large surface area just waiting for your custom branding, creating promotional backdrops for photo opportunities or eye-catching displays could be just a few clicks away. Despite their size, our options are lightweight and easy to assemble (Weighing as little as 5-7kg.) Combined with a tube aluminum frame that can be easily slotted together, set up and take down has been designed with a smoother experience in mind. Start browsing to find the custom printed media wall for your event, or contact us today!

4 Items

  1. The front view of a full colour 8ft promotional media wall to promote a juice company. The wall is ready to be used at tradeshows and events in Ontario, Canada.
    8ft Straight Media Wall

    Unlimited colour and print locations. Easy set up and take down, made from lightweight materials. Single or double side print options.

  2. 10ft Straight Media Wall
    10ft Straight Media Wall

    Unlimited colour and print locations. Easy set up and take down, made from lightweight materials. Single or double side print options.

  3. 8ft Pop Up Media Wall
    8ft Pop Up Media Wall

    Available straight or curved at no additional cost. Great for sponsorship displays and brand visibility. Easy set up and takedown design.

  4. 10ft Pop Up Media Wall
    10ft Pop Up Media Wall

    Available straight or curved at no additional charge. Full colour custom print. Great for sponsorship displays and brand visibility.

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What are Printed Promotional Media Walls Used For?

From creating large-scale brand awareness to their ability to be used as partitions at tradeshows and conventions – custom branded display walls are definitely versatile! The chances are you haven't gone far at a tradeshow, convention or even a retail arena without encountering these powerful promotional tools. Like any style of custom display signs, these products are great for helping with brand visibility and retention – but did you know that promotional display backdrops for events come with several awesome additional benefits? Read on to discover more and learn about why this style of branded booth signage for events has stayed at the forefront of branding and marketing year after year.

How Has Marketing Changed in Recent Years for Events?

With the evolution of marketing, the uprise and implications of social media use will only be ignored or dismissed by unskilled planners. Someone once famously said at their emergence, "computers are useless". It's easy to be wrong or ignore the vital importance of keeping up with the times, but what does this mean for your custom branded media walls, and why would it matter? In more recent years we have seen an explosion in the use of social media. This means that advertising for all businesses has been drastically changed, and new marketing tactics have appeared. Getting your logo out there on social feeds can now make the difference between a brand that's recognized and even sought after – and one that is obscure or overlooked. How does this affect your branded display signs and media walls? Keep reading to find out!

Get Your Logo on Social Media with Promotional Display Backdrops!

So, now we know that the world of marketing was transformed with the arrival of social media – why should this matter for your custom logo display signs? With any printed item, there is the chance for your message to be in a snapshot, but branded media walls offer something extra. You can give your clients and customers a specific location to take their pictures. What does this mean for your promotional needs? It means that creating a particular tone for your business event, tradeshow, or expo can be as easy! With full colour printing and complete control over what goes onto your backdrop, getting your design out there in the manner you want doesn't have to be out of reach for your company. By having a specific location designed for selfies and group poses, you can encourage your visitors to help with your brand awareness at no additional cost! That sounds like a great marketing option, right? It certainly might help explain why promotional media walls for events, tradeshows and conferences are so popular!

The Value of Marketing Your Brand, Without Being Annoying

Many experienced advertisers will tell you that there is such a thing as "negative marketing". This can involve many things, and brand saturation can be one of them. Imprinted media walls offer a stylish and sophisticated way to get your message out there on a large, easy-to-spot surface – without crowding your visitor's vision or quickly making them tired of your logo. Getting your brand on something easy to notice that can make a visual splash could be just what your visibility needs, so don't hesitate to contact our staff if you are interested in custom media walls for events!

Branded Media Display Walls are for More Than Just Tradeshows!

It might be tempting to dismiss media wall backdrops as an "expo only" style of custom logo marketing signage in Canada – but the reality is that they could be useful almost anywhere! Available in a range of size options starting from promotional 8ft x 8ft printed display walls all the way up to a jumbo-sized 20ft option – so if you have the space for the set up then this promotional custom signage could be a great choice for your branding. Creating stylish backdrops and a professional-looking venue is a bonus to any style of business, from car dealerships to dance competitions!

Why Selecting Quality Matters for Custom Branded Displays

Reading this might have convinced you about the potential benefits of promotional printed media walls for your marketing, but why should you choose to work with us? Poorly constructed signs won't give your business the positive reflection of the hard work you have put in, and they’re more likely to wear out faster – forcing you to reinvest. Our custom printed media displays are made from quality material and inks. They are designed to be easy to set up and dismantle, saving your vendors valuable time at events and expos. Last but not least, if you are looking for custom display walls made in Canada – we are based right here in Ontario! This means less frustrating waiting times due to overseas time zones by using a local business that is easier to contact. With our dedication to quality from start to finish, getting the imprinted media display wall for your upcoming promotion could be as simple as getting in touch with us today to begin!