13.5ft Feather Flag

  • Unlimited colour and print customization options!
  • Built with aviation grade fibreglass poles & 110g German flag mesh
  • Choose from tent mount, stake or cross base
  • Convenient carry/storage bag included
  • Pricing based on single-sided flag, but double-sided is also available

Made in CanadaAn absolute ideal promotional product for raising brand awareness at events, shows or for display outside your business. Excellent visibility allows more conversions and customers, with a wide array of high quality premium mounting options, every surface is covered - from concrete to grass and anywhere between.


Our quantity discounts

Quantity 10+ 25+
Price $215.00 $205.00

Everything you need for setup is included in this package, complete with stand, a carry case and equipment required for setup. Optional extras include a heavy water weight or stake fitting for both outdoor and indoor events. We go the extra mile and provide a swivel on your stake fitting so that your banner will always follow the direction of the wind!

Wind Rating*

When using an optional water weight or sand bag with your cross stand base, this adds approximately 9kg of weight to your flag base, which offers a higher degree of stability to the flag.

Small - 38km/h (with Cross Stand A, B, C, or D); 75km/h (with Cross Stand & Water Weight / Sand Bag)

Medium - 30km/h (with Cross Stand A, B, C, or D); 60km/h (with Cross Stand & Water Weight / Sand Bag)

Large - 22km/h (with Cross Stand A, B, C, or D); 48km/h (with Cross Stand & Water Weight / Sand Bag)

Wind ratings for stakes are dependant on ground density, and how well the stake has been pushed in to the ground.

Small - 75km/h (with Ground Stake / Screw-In Stake)

Medium - 65km/h (with Ground Stake / Screw-In Stake)

Large - 60km/h (with Ground Stake / Screw-In Stake)

*Please note that wind ratings are an approximate guide only. Event Display Canada cannot be held liable for any damage caused by incorrect assembly, exposure to extreme winds, or being poorly secured to the ground.

Why Feather Banner Flags Remain So Popular

Marketing your brand has become essential for any business, as word of mouth is no longer enough to bring customers in the door. Competition continues to increase in many industries, and consumers can now buy products and services from all around the world. When the time comes to create an advertising strategy, businesses need to use every resource available. Many companies utilize feather banners to draw attention to their brand, as they are simple and catch a person's eye. They may be used indoors or out and come in a variety of styles.

The Benefits Of Custom Branded Feather Banners

Businesses often choose feather banners over other advertising options as they tend to be available at a more economical price point, but don't assume this means they are low quality! With the right company making your promotional feather flags (psst, that's us) you can have a marketing tool designed to withstand the elements and have a long lifespan.

Feather banners can be customized with images, a logo, an advertising message, or any information the purchaser desires. In addition, the buyer chooses the colours of the flag. This means you can get creative with your custom branding and create marketing designed for your target audience, promotional event, or even just to say "Hey, we are right here!" Give your business the chance to catch the eye of the public and get your message out front with promotional feather banners.

This style of custom banner is easy to use and extremely lightweight. This means a marketing tool and piece of branded display signage that can be moved from location to location. Need to transport your printed feather flag? Don't worry, they are just as easy to set up and take down as they are to transport! Businesses find they don't have to purchase multiple marketing items when this one product can be used in so many different situations.

Printing Methods Used for Custom Logo Feather Flags

Single or double-sided print? The choice is up to you! whether they wish to have single or double-sided printing. Many businesses prefer double-sided printing, as it allows their message, logo, or image to be viewed from any direction – and this means the chance for extra brand awareness. This option also helps to reduce bleed-through of the colours and images, enabling businesses to put a different message on each banner side! When the single-side printing is selected, the mirror image will be seen on the reverse side. Keep the above in mind when choosing a printing method, as the goal is to increase the visibility of the company. In some situations, single-side printing achieves this goal while, in others, double-sided printing is called for.

Why Quality Material Matters for Branded Feather Banners

You don't have to look far when you go outside to see the results of low-quality flags and signage. Choosing customized feather banners made from lasting, high-quality materials means your business gets longer out of its product and the money invested in it goes further. Our promotional feather flags are made from durable German Mesh material and this means fabric that won't easily tear and rip in the wind. With high-quality ink, your message will stay sharper for longer – giving your brand the quality representation you know it deserves. No feather banner will last forever, and businesses should always take steps to care for theirs, but with the right supplier, your brand could be on display looking better, for longer.

Caring For Promotional Feather Banner Flags

Are you looking for tips on how to get the most out of imprinted feather banners for displays and tradeshows? A great place to start is to remember that any time it is not being used, it should be stored properly. Another strong recommendation includes bringing the feather banner inside when heavy storm winds are predicted.

When it comes to caring for your customized feather flag, you don't need any fancy sprays or cleaning products. All you need is some water and a damp cloth to gently remove any dirt and debris. (Be sure to ask if the banner is machine washable to prevent any damage from cleaning it in this manner. Additionally, the banner should be allowed to air dry and never put into a tumble-dryer.)

Included Flag Fittings

The above fittings are in-stock items and readily available for standard delivery. Please let us know which one you prefer at the time of ordering.

Upgrade Flag Fittings

The above fittings are custom order items and subject to additional charge and longer lead times.

Our Canadian made custom printed advertising flags are available in 4 standard sizes: 8ft (2.4m), 10ft (3m), 13.5ft (4.1m), and 17ft (5.2m). Please see below for a visual guide to help select the best feather flag size for you.

Feather Flag Sizes

Steel framework, stack-able fibreglass poles, knitted German mesh flag

Dye sublimated full colour print, either single or double-sided