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Custom Designed Event Tents Canada

Why rent event marquees when buying them is a much smarter move? Our event marquees are exactly what a business needs to attract more attention. They are made using high-strength aluminum and are much better than those found in outdoor or camping shops. When combined with the premium expo marquee canopy, these marquees provide the brand exposure companies want and need at an event.

Event Marquee Setup

Event tents will boost your brand at  any trade show

Businesses located in Canada love the free nationwide delivery, and the quality of our products cannot be beaten. Vibrant printing and superior construction ensure clients are satisfied with the finished products. Each event marquee comes with a three-year frame warranty and UPF50+ sun protection, making them the perfect choice for organizations of any size looking to increase their brand visibility.

Incredibly easy Setup

Event marquees may be found at both indoor and outdoor events, as they are an excellent way to promote a product, brand, company or business. The marquee can be used for a wide variety of purposes also. A company may use it as a selling booth at one event, an information station at another and a watering station at a sporting function to provide water for the athletes participating, among other things.

One thing companies worry about, however, is setting up the marquee, as they may not have the staff members on hand to assist in doing so or wish to deal with having someone come in and handle this task on their behalf. Our event marquees are easy to set up, the company only pays for the marquee at the time of purchase and it is theirs for life so there is no delay while waiting for a marquee hire company to deliver the product. As a result, more companies are now choosing to go this route.

Not The Typical Pop-Up Marquee

When a company goes to buy a tent from an outdoor store, they may discover they obtained a product of inferior quality. This is never a concern when a company purchases from us. Our marquees feature canopies made from durable materials and high-quality nylon fixings. With the help of our products, employees benefit from an area at the event that is designated specifically for them and protected from the elements. At the same time, the product, brand, or business is being promoted with the information of the customer's choice. This may be the company name or logo, a message the company wishes to deliver, their slogan, or numerous other things. Due to the high visibility of the event marquee, the business receives the attention it is after even at a big event.

Rapid Delivery Anywhere In Canada

Every marquee we provide is of the highest quality. Customers find they have a wide range of vibrant colours to choose from to ensure the logo or brand pops. A number of materials are offered, and some are fire and waterproof. This benefits the company as the materials contained under the marquee will be safeguarded from the elements. In addition, companies find they can choose from numerous fittings and accessories to make certain the event marquee meets their needs in every way.

For example, if a company wishes to have an extendable awning added to the marquee, this can be done. Others discover they are in need of a heavy-duty frame, and we can provide this. A third example is when a company wishes to have a banner mounting bracket to display additional information using this method. Our company can be of assistance here also.

Accessories offered for our event marquees include straps for sand bags, flat weight plates, and ground pegs. We also provide additional signs, brochure stands, matching tables, and a number of other products. Customers choose from a range of marquee sizes and, regardless of which type is selected, the event marquee can be set up in under five minutes. Any design, text, logo, or other information may be printed on the marquee, and some companies opt to include their name, phone number, website, and logo. The goal is to create a product that is durable, vibrant, and provides the information the company wishes to share with their target audience.

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