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The First Interactive, Self Serve Advertising Solution

Everyone at events and exhibitions is always in a hurry. The end-users and retails consumers are bombarded with an overload of information from the sellers in the hopes of getting their attention and finalizing a sale. At the same time, buying agents and wholesalers are always on the lookout for the next great product that could make their life easier, maybe a product they could on sell or a service that can improve your efficiency in business. They are all competing for the clients attention and you need to stand out!

We've put the smart back in event and exhibition displays

We are living in times that are witnessing an overload of information. That’s why attention spans are getting shorter. If you fail to grab people’s attention within instants, you’ve probably missed your chance as people will quickly move on to the next thing. This is why businesses today are in dire need of attracting and locking consumer attention as quickly as possible. Choosing one of our catalogue displays can help you out in this area. This marketing tool today has become much more evolved and effective.

Get their attention and hold onto it

People today need something with great visuals and something that is a reflection of the latest technology. Large enticing graphics that steal the limelight are the only way to make a statement for brands today. Thanks to the ever-evolving technology we can now add smart functionality that offers your potential clients to interact with your company, without the need for a staff member to hold your customers hand the entire time. Brands today have a chance at grabbing people’s attention. If you are contemplating buying a new booklet display or a brochure self, check out our product inventory and ask us for more information.

A near automated advertising solution

Think of a stretch display stand as a non-manned, self-serving point of marketing. Their vibrant colors, catchy graphics, and appealing branding or logo tend to instantly draw attention. People walking by are much more likely to take away a catalogue or a brochure from these stands to obtain more information about your brand. We offer these in iPad and Tablet variants too which allow people to watch videos explaining more about the said product/company. All thanks to the technology becoming more and more refined and available, companies today have endless possibilities in the marketing arena at local events and expos.

But where to use these display solutions?

Catalogue displays can be used at a variety of locations. Brands mostly use them for display and marketing purposes at trade shows and conventions. However, one can use them at any place the company wants to make itself noticed such as at street fairs. As people enter a trade booth or they can keep busy by obtaining the pamphlet from the display instead of just standing there getting bored waiting to be served. When your staff are busy, people can help themselves to flyers and more information from these display stands. Also, they act like a guiding tool telling people where a particular booth is located at a trade show. These are just a few of the ways in which businesses can use stands to gain visibility and people’s attention.

Why not negotiate with the event organizers to drop these stands are various locations around the event, they can act like a guiding tool telling people where a particular booth (your booth) is located at a trade show. These are just a few of the ways in which businesses can use stands to gain visibility and people’s attention.

Small outlay for a big impact

Instead of spending big bucks on ten different marketing items, display stands alone can serve the purpose of several marketing tools. That’s what make them such a highly cost-effective option. They can also reduce the workforce needed to attend an event or function as they eliminate the need for staff to help every single person that visits your trade booth.

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