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Huge Savings On Our Custom Stretch Displays

Are you looking for a reliable and cost-effective advertising solution? Here it is! These brilliant stretch displays are the ultimate physical marketing tool. They provide maximum exposure with minimal effort even in the most crowded space. Our fabric stretch displays are unique and affordable solution to market your brand! We also offer an exclusive print and production process of different colors, graphics, logos, and photographic images.

Why choose this new, sleek method of advertising?

Whenever you visit a trade show or business event, you will see many tension fabric displays. You might see the larger organizations with big banners, signs and even media walls at exhibitions all over Canada. Well, here's a news flash, you don't need to be a big company to turn up and display with the best of them at your next corporate event. We have put together a range of stretch products that will readily get more attention in public places. They make a brand more famous and attract customers plus they increase brand appeal in the market. However, people in business apparently want to know their options for deciding the type of display along with the attached benefits. Here are some points to consider the importance and analysis of the stuff availability and why they are popular with many organizations!

Our stretch displays are a breeze to setup

It is understood that event displays are as lightweight as they are transported and used at multiple locations. Companies accept this method as they find it convenient to purchase such displays which easily get a port from one event to another. Tension fabric display folds down to a fraction of their size and are easily carried from one destination to another. Vibrant graphics can be branded out to make maximum profit from unique events. A marketing display benefits your company and gives full advantage to make the profit.

Extremely versatile advertising item

Many companies prefer to go with display options which have versatility and can be used in a range of situations. The display options which are available in our range can be used in just about any event, expo or conference. One could change the skin of the display depending on the venue of the event or the current promotion. Combine with optional LED down lights to illuminate your branding and allow potential customers to see your offering, be that a product, a new invention or a service you provide.

Flexibility in design

Being unique in the crowd requires innovative thinking. Of course, a business can sell products and services to others that entirely flourish and fulfill customer needs. Sometimes it happens that a current sale or promotion does not match with a venue or your shopfront. But now, you can buy the frame once, and buy multiple skins which can be simple interchanged at various intervals. Here's an idea you may not have heard before use these different skins and split test them against each other to see which one works better at promoting your business

We have all the options you just have to reach out to us

We won't be beaten on these stretch products, a lot of companies are quoting on screen print which is block colors usually a maximum of 4 colors. However we use CMYK dye sublimation printing which locks the color into the fabric and offers the ability to reproduce photographic images and gradients with outstanding vibrancy. Don't be fooled by cheaper versions of these stretch products as they don't bare the same quality as our range. All of our products are double stitched and glued with reinforced seems and our printing process ensures colors are true to your original branding. Please put us to the test, we challenge you to find a better quality product and a price point anywhere near ours!
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