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Feather Banners & Feather Flag Printing Canada

Looking for ways to do effective branding at highly affordable pricing? Then allow us to help you! Our range of feather banners will make your establishment stand out from the herd. Do try out our teardrop banner also to add a touch of zing at your next event. Super easy to mount, our banners are highly versatile and perfect for grabbing people’s attention and keep them hooked to the event.  Help your product/event achieve high visibility which will eventually translate to a bigger target audience and viewership.

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Attract Customers with Our Teardrop & Feather Banners

Majority of modern consumers are regular internet users. Almost 90% of them use internet on a daily basis. That is why a website is considered monumental for every single website today. It’s true that a website helps you secure a global outreach. But, at the same time, you cannot forget about the much-needed marketing tactics for catering to and attracting local crowd.

While technology may be taking over the world, it can still never go on to replace the traditional modes of advertising. The old will always remain gold. Speaking of which, digital marketing methods can never replace the old-fashion signage and banners. They will always remain one of the most effective and versatile ways of advertising. That’s where we come in because we specialize in making quality banners!

Everybody is familiar with banners and how to use them. But, are you also familiar with feather banners? By the sound of it, it may sound like a banner that resembles a huge bird’s feathers. But, don’t be fooled around! You would be surprised to find out about the great marketing potential they carry as an advertising weapon.

All the passersby know about who your existence, and who you are as they walk by and look at the large signage featuring your brand name. We create our feather banners in such a way that it will be hard for people walking by to not notice it. That’s what the advertising is all about, right? Grabbing attention!

But why this particular product?

According to the studies, almost 45% of the customers reportedly agree to stopping at a store simply because they felt compelled by an attractive signage. These statistics qualify physical banners as 44% more effective than other marketing tools.

Great visibility to the brand and the power to lure customer in are two powerful reasons why you should consider having a banner right away without any second thoughts. But, these two are not the only reasons why brands should go for banners. The list of advantages of having these banners installed is pretty long.

An Array of Size Availability

We create banners in heights 2.5, 3.5, and 4.5 meters with varying widths that range from 63 to 80 centimeters. For more Information about other sizes and their availability, feel free to reach out to us!

Banners Available in Various Shapes & Sizes

A great aspect of feather banners is that you don’t have to limit yourself to just one shape. You can tailor the contour of the curves to your preference. Depending on your liking, you can go with narrow or sharp angles at the corners of the feather. Or, you can go with a gently flowing curve. The choice is all yours.  To make the most of the display space, you can opt for a straight 90 degree cut.

If case you’re not very fond of the regular feather shape, you can go with other styles such as -

  • Standing Banners – There’s more display space on these banners to play with compared to other types. You can buy these in three different sizes.
  • Tear Drop Banners – They come in highly distinct shapes and just like its feather counterpart, it is also available in a variety of dimensions.  
  • Surf-Style Banners – The banner gets its name after the unique shape that resembles a cool surf board. This is the latest addition to our product catalogue. We have these banners in a variety of sizes.

Do check out our entire product selection which includes flag displays before you finalize your purchase decision. Whether you want to display the logo or the name of your company for a promotional event or some farewell message for employees; we will feature it for you on the display.

A platter of colors for creating intriguing displays

Coupled with CMYK digital printing process and the top-of-the-line equipment, we create only the most appealing banners. The combination works excellently for making fine quality images. No matter the color scheme you have in mind, we can accommodate all your requirements.

Unmatched quality

All of our processes are in compliance with strict manufacturing standards. We use 320 to 680 GSM oxford polyester material for making banners. The Ink that we use for printing purpose is heated and UV-resistant to make sure it doesn’t fade away under harsh sunlight. The non-toxic coating provides added protection from the harsh effects of the nature. Not only that, the material is designed to withstand winds as well.

Maximum Mobility

Feather banners are extremely lightweight making them easy to move around. They come with all the necessary equipment to make the setup and dismantling process super-easy. Their light weight makes them easy to carry, move around, and install at street fairs, sporting events, conventions, trade shows; and just about any place you want to secure recognition and get the word out. Additionally, we also provide our clients with carrying cases so you no longer have to worry about accidentally damaging the banners while in transit.

Get in touch with us today and let us know what type of banners we can create for you. If you already have an idea for the image you would like to use, well and good. But, if you’re unsure about the designing and the image aspect, you can get in touch with our design team and it will guide you into creating an appealing design.

We strive to not just meet the expectations of our clients but go above and beyond to exceed them. Our products and customer service always come with a promise for exceptional quality. You can always rely on us for doing quality job every single time.

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