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Event Domes

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Super domes are giant promotional marquees which are available in simple plain colors or with printed options - made to any size or shape you require!

Some of our printing options include standard screen print on single sections (most effective for simple logo branding) or for more complex designs required, CMYK digital print on entire panels or across every surface. 

Fittings: Heavy duty framework, doors, windows, awnings, decorative valances etc.

Sizes Available: Made to your required size.

Materials Available:
300D,420D,500D ,600D polyester, oxford, canvas coated PVC or PU ,waterproof or fireproof options available.


Construction Notes

All seams are reinforced with an additional 2 inch wide section of vinyl for a stronger, more durable tent. They are then R. F. sealed and then joined together with a double stitch which then creates 4-6 layers of strength.

In certain structural areas there can be as many as 6 pieces of double-reinforced two inch wide vinyl strips for increased durability. To give even more durability a lap seam fold is used on joining panels.

Extremely extensive work is applied to our construction methods for each and every tent we create, all the way from conception to creation. During the building process we select the most durable products and material in the industry and are constantly looking for ways to add even more durability and quality to our products.The involveent in construction has been years of research and deveopment to ake a perfect product. We engineer Inflatable Tents that are visually stunning and structurally safe, designed to withstand any type of stress.

Just some of our standard sizes

Any size you require, we can make for you. For an idea of the standard diensions please see below - this will give you a good idea of the size and scale.

Heat Sealed Panels

Is another particular technique we follow in our facility to increase durability and life expectancy of your Inflatable Tent. Offering added resistance, this is applied to all seas and elinates the additional sewing that is usually needed for high-stress areas.

When combined with our fantastic digital printing process, the entire tent looks amazing when fully branded!